Youth...who, what and why!

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Why are we here?

The mission statement of Upton Vale Youth is the same as that of Upton Vale Baptist Church:

‘To make Disciples who make Disciples and build Church that helps others build Church’

In UV Youth, this means that the programme of activities exists to build a community (church) that gathers together to try and become more like Jesus (being a Disciple).

What do we do?

This happens through social activities such as our Youth Clubs, opportunities to explore faith such as Youth Alpha courses and time to grow in faith together on Sunday mornings and at Discipleship Groups. We’re also keen to see young people active and empowered to be part of making the youth work happen, so we have junior leaders, youth bands and drama group to enable them to use their gifts in those (and other!) ways.

How do we do it?

In each of our activities, we aim to build a culture in which young people can grow by adhering to the following values:

  • Hospitality: every young person should have a warm welcome, be treated with honour and respect and we should aim to deliver every part of our programme with excellence. In practice, this value also leads to us eating a LOT of food!
  • Involvement: every young person should have the opportunity to participate in UV Youth activities, be part of the UV Youth community and grow as a Disciple of Jesus.
  • Challenge: every young person will be challenged to be the best they can be and be encouraged to invite others to be part of that community. This includes the Challenge to follow Jesus as His Disciple.

We meet each Sunday morning and throughout the week in our Youth Centre (The Basement). Find out more about our weekly Youth Clubs, Discipleship Groups and Youth Band.

For more information, please contact Joel Ward (Director of Youth) via our Contact Us page.