The Marriage Course 

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Whether you have felt under pressure in your marriage during this season, or you are in a good place, this course is a great opportunity for a bit of an MOT. We want to do all we can to ensure our marriages thrive and this seven week course is a tool to enable our marriages to be stronger. 

The Marriage Course material is readily available online and free for anyone, but maybe the act of signing up, and committing to a seven week course at a regular time will help us all with staying power. There is no group work or need to talk to anyone other than your spouse. Each evening will start with a brief zoom introduction and then the remainder of the two hour session runs itself. All you need is internet access, a nice drink/food and a pen.

Please fill in the following sign-up form to register for our next course. Signing up won’t commit you, but it helps us order the journals necessary, the treats and puts something in the diary that will provide the intention/accountability needed:
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If you would like to know more please email
Colin Opie, 05/06/2020