Welcome to the 24-7 Prayer Week 


The July 24-7 Prayer Week has now finished but the Prayer Guides, and Requests and Feedback notes, are still available here. There is a wealth of prayer topics and reflections that came out of that 24-7 Prayer week, so please feel free to look at this material as frequently as you would like. Over the coming months it is likely another 24-7 Prayer week will be organised, but until that time this current material gives us a lot to continue to digest and pray about as we go forward.

A big thank you to everybody who took part! Our hope is that everyone came away with a deeper sense of God's mission and how the UV community will be involved in that in the future. Exciting times lay ahead!


Prayer Guides

There were unique prayer guides for every day and within them there are links to song and music videos which formed part of the engagement with prayer for that day. There are a maximum three possible formats for each one:
  • an interactive video guide socialmedia
  • a full slide-show type guide 24-7-red
  • a simpler text version notepad
Families Group:                                                                                                                       socialmedia 24-7-red  
B2gether Group: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
KS3 Group:   24-7-red  
Pre-school Families: socialmedia 24-7-red  
Sunday 19th July - Pausing and rejoicing in response to Micah 6:8: socialmedia 24-7-red  
Monday 20th July - Personal response : socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
Tuesday 21st July - Upton Vale - church family & those we reach out to: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
Wednesday 22nd July - GNT - Good News for Torquay project: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
Thursday 23rd July - National response: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
Friday 24th July - Global church, communities, government & organisations: socialmedia 24-7-red  
Saturday 25th July - Yielding: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad
Sunday 26th July - Looking forward: socialmedia 24-7-red notepad


Prayer Requests and Feedback

During this July week of prayer we encouraged people to send in prayer requests, answers to prayers, Scriptures and other things people felt God might be saying. They are available here for reading. You can also read the reflections from our April 24-7 week here.