UV Daily

01  UVBC from Castle Circus
Welcome! Our Senior Pastor Andy Hickford and our Pastoral Director Steve Cosslett (and maybe some others) will be posting videos and other material here geared to the whole community. The purpose is to provide messages of hope, find ways to go deeper with God and his people, and determine ways in which we can be of help to others despite not being able to meet physically. Material exists elsewhere especially for children and family activities and youth. Wherever possible messages will be posted daily, so please do come back here as often as you wish to see what's new.

Message from Andy - How can I grow as a Christian during the Corona crisis? (30 March 2020)

Message from Paul and Ele - Keeping Healthy - The 5 F’s (28 March 2020)

Message from Steve, Anya & Charlie – Handling Anxiety (27 March 2020)

Message from Steve - Prayer for the NHS (26 March 2020)

Message from Andy - Faith in a crisis (25 March 2020)

Message from Steve - The rhythm of prayer (24 March 2020)

Message from Steve - In isolation don't become isolated (21 March 2020)

Message from Andy - A new way of Church (20 March 2020)

Colin Opie, 24/03/2020