Daily 4u

Online Resources

Welcome! As we aren’t able to gather together for the foreseeable future we’ve created a new online resources page called Daily 4u. We will update this area every week day and on Sundays you can join us at UVlive for our 30 minute online service. 

This resources page will include messages and video-logs for our church family along with material for children, teenagers and families. We are also working on creative and interactive ways to join together in prayer and as small groups online. This is just the start! More information will follow in the coming days so come back soon!

To see messages for Children and Families mainly from Paul and Ele Hine and Sue Sandeman, please go here,

To see messages for Youth mainly from Joel Ward, please go here.

To see messages for the Church and Community in general, please go here.

To see any past "live broadcast" from a Sunday morning, please go here.

If you would like to hear audio recordings of any talks/sermons from before we had to stop meeting, please go here.