Baptism is a very special moment on the journey of faith. It is a moment when God's presence and blessing meet us in a special way, and it is a moment when we publicly make our personal commitment of faith in Jesus as Lord.
The vast majority of Christian churches practice baptism, but many baptise or christen babies and children who are too young to make their own responses and so parents make promises on their behalf. In Baptist Churches we baptise young people and adults who are able to make their own response.

Normally baptism takes place by full immersion in water as part of one of our regular celebration services. Immersion signifies the end of our old life and being born again to new life in Christ. It speaks of repentance, and cleansing and of being identified with Christ in His death and resurrection. Baptism is also about receiving God's Spirit for service in the church and in the world, and is normally accompanied by the laying on of hands as a sign of commissioning. Baptism is a great time of celebration for the people being baptised and for the whole church.

If you feel God is calling you to be baptised please speak to one of our Pastors or church leaders via our Contact Us page.

Although at Upton Vale we believe that baptism in this way is God's best for all Christians, we nevertheless want to welcome and affirm those who have a different story to tell of how they have been baptised and come to faith. Christians of all traditions are therefore welcome to be members of Upton Vale and play a full part in the life of the church.